Blog Banner is the first social lottery website that allows you to easily order lottery tickets online! We make it simple to pick your numbers and order tickets for all of the official jackpot drawings in your state, including MEGA Millions and Powerball.

And now you have the option to play alone or create your own online groups to pool tickets with your friends and share the winnings… just like the office lottery pool! Now your existing office pool can be run online, or just play with your friends and family in groups.

LottoGopher also offers anyone the chance to join our public groups to meet and play together with others. If anyone in your group wins, everyone wins!

Never miss a drawing because you forgot to buy your ticket. We go to the store for you! LottoGopher is the safe and secure way to play the lottery. We offer subscriptions that ensure your tickets are purchased for every drawing so you never miss the chance to win.

How it Works

1. Pick Your Lottery Game & Lucky Numbers

Use to choose your own numbers to play in any of the official lottery drawings offered in your home state.

2. Choose A Way To Play

– Subscribe to play in every drawing. Automatic monthly renewal means you can “set it and forget it” so you never miss a chance to win.

– Order Single Tickets to play in the next drawing. Order as many as you want to increase your chances of winning.

3. Pool Your Tickets In Groups or Play Solo

Join one of our online groups to pool your tickets with up to 100 other players and greatly increase your chances of winning. If anyone in your group wins, everyone shares the prize- just like in an office pool.

4. We Do All The Work

LottoGopher purchases your tickets and provides secure storage until the drawing. We provide all the tools to easily play in groups, and your account is automatically funded with any winnings. Recurring subscription billing means we make sure that you never miss a drawing.

5. Enjoy Fun Community Features

Get access to helpful LottoGopher features to invite friends and create your own private lottery pools, share tickets in multiple Groups, track your winnings, earn free play rewards and much much more!


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